Fill-Tech Solutions has an installed machinery base encompassing several countries. Our network of Sales and Service offices ensure our customers with local support, from initial contact, to the completed installation

Why Fill Tech

Built for industry leaders

Striving to be leaders in innovative packaging machinery for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, household consumer products and other industrial sectors

Conversions and Upgrade

01 Machinery Overhaul and Rebuild Program

We offer complete or partial rebuilds on all types of cup filling machinery. Our expert staff has the experience with many brand name filling machinery companies. With this experience we can take your existing machine and update it with the latest in filling and sealing technology. When doing a full rebuild we strip the machine completely to the frame and do a full factory rebuild for much less than the cost of a new machine

02 Aftermarket Field Conversions

We offer servo updates on major sub-assemblies, filler conversions and or replacements for all types of products. Our engineers will work closely with your company to update your machinery to optimize efficiencies, or to run different products that were not initially designed into the machine when it was purchased

03 Full Machine shop capabilities

At Fill-Tech Solutions, we manufacture the majority of our own components that go into our machines. We have several types of vertical CNC Milling machines as well as CNC lathes, manual milling and turning machines, welding, polishing and grinding. This way we can control the quality and assure our parts are done in a timely manner to meet production schedules

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