Back 13-03-2019

Fill-Tech to Sponsor event at the 2016 RFA Conference

Fill-Tech is nearing completion of a new IL-11 inline machine for staging and automatically filling and sealing fresh mozzarella balls in 16 and 32 ounce containers.

The featured machine will denest the containers from the cup denester, position them under a series of gated chutes where the mozzarella balls will be loaded into the cups.The mozzarella balls will be counted and placed into incline flighted conveyors for delivery to the chutes.

Once filled, the containers will then pass under an auger filler where spices will be added and then onto brine/liquid filler to submerge the cheese. The brine filling will be done by flow meter technology. Heat sealing and over capping of the containers will follow and the completed cups will then be off loaded from the machine for final packaging.

For further information please contact our sales team at 727-572-8550.