Back 29-06-2021

Fill-Tech delivers new Fill Star IL-41 to food manufacturer

Fill-Tech Solutions Inc. is completing the delivery and installation of a new Fill Star IL-41 machine for hot filled products in Washington State. This machine features an automatic four-up in-line tray de-nesting, filling and heat-sealing system equipped to run trays form 12 – 32 ounces to fill a variety of products such as: mac & cheese, risotto, mashed potatoes, broccoli cheese, spinach, gravies, stuffing’s amongst other. With an output on this particular platform of up to 134 containers per minute for the 16oz sizes, this machine will allow this food manufacturer to supply consumers with ready-to-eat food products that can be found in a number of supermarkets and club stores throughout the country.


According to Stewart Nelson (CEO / Founder) "with this machine Fill-Tech is proud to introduce the new Fill-Tech Fill-Star in line hygienic platform." Some of the new design features with this this new generation are solid frame design throughout the entire machine meeting and exceeding 3A and AMI standards. This design allows for a tunnel configuration to incorporate cup cleaning, UVC or H2O2 cup and lid sterilization and our newly developed CIP filling system, stainless steel MPH servos and gear boxes.